Insanely amazing prop ideas to capture some adorable family portraits!

Props are essential and they can really turn around your imagery into something creative and delightful. It isn’t always the smiles that one wants to show in pictures hung up on their walls, but also, an insight to the bond that one shares and of course, the creative streak that runs in your family.

So, a creatively adorable family Portrait Photography calls for some equally amazing props that can help you build up a story for each image and make it captivating. Since you’re preparing a family shoot, this props must also be meaningful and they must be very close to you and your family.

We have compiled a list of some fun props that can help inspire creativity in your and partner, and of course, the little ones.

Take a look:


A makeshift cloth tent

A cloth tent is very easy to set up DIY and it can give you some amazing pose ideas and opportunities to click some adorable family pictures. This is without doubt a lovely idea to take some cute photos of the children, all you need to do is urge them inside and let them get started with their doll houses, tea parties and monster hunting.

It’s almost like capturing your children in their natural habitat and making the shoot a part of playtime, all fun and games to get them really involved. To make it all the more fun, mommy and daddy can also try to get inside the tent and capture some fun images while intruding onto their little ones’ games.

Curling rollers and makeup brushes

This one calls for a serious mother-daughter fun where both the girls get to play dress up and get their pictures taken. The rollers go up in the hair, and you guys can pose as you both are deeply engrossed in brushing and contouring each other’s faces. It makes such a precious moment of some beauty fun with your little girl, and the shots that will turn out will be truly priceless.

Super-hero shirts

Batman, superman, Spiderman-you name it, super-hero shirts are always a great way to make the children excited, and of course, strike the timeless super-hero pose of saving the world. The boys are going to love this one and this calls for a spectacular daddy and son’s picture.

A hot air balloon

And why not? A hot air balloon is going to take your family shoot to a whole new level and turn out some truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime imagery that you can the kids with cherish forever. You guys can get as creative as possible, for instance, the kids can all get inside the hot air balloon, while the parents try to hold down to the strings and strike a pose. Or the little one can go up on his own, and everyone can pretend to run after him.

A huge frame

DIY addicts, attention! This is a great opportunity to get your artistic juices flowing and create a lovely frame that suits the theme of your photo shoot. You guys can strike multiple poses with a frame, for instance, mommy and daddy can hold it up while the children can huddle together and strike a pose.


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