Schengen Visa Requirements for Tourists

visaCovering the mandatory Schengen visa requirements, the tourist visa for Schengen zone is given to those who merely wish to travel the Schengen zone, or with the intention, that, they wish to meet their relatives. This visa does not require to hold citizenship in order to spend time with the relatives but the visa will have its certain restrictions.

Unless the visa states that you may be entitled to work or visit different states, you will only be allowed to reside in the designated state for maximum 90 days in the 180 days of period.

Required Documents:

  • Recent passport photo, showing full face.
  • Copies of previous visas, passport to be valid for at least 3 months and left with two blank pages.
  • Travel visa insurance to cover all the repatriation costs and health expenses.
  • Proof of accommodation.

Tourist visa:

  • Visiting friends/relatives:
    • Current bank statement (Preferably for the last 6 months)
    • For not owning a bank account, the applicant must ask the friends/relatives to sign an “Official affidavit of support” at the corresponding office.
    • A letter covering the description of the trip, purpose, and the time frame with all personal dates written.
  • Tourist travel (No visit to relatives/friends)
    • Bank statement (Preferably for the last 6 months)
    • Description of the itinerary of traveling days, hotel reservations or a formal invitation letter by the resident hosting your stay.

Depending on the destination you wish to go, the Schengen visa requirements may slightly vary. The embassy will ask you certain additional documents to assure you are not defying any rules, and are providing the necessary information. The documents will be handed over personally. The limit for visa will be 90 days for the period of half year.

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