How to Claim the Prize for Winning the Mizoram Lottery?


The Mizoram lottery is one of the most exciting and rewarding lottery games in the country of India. If you have won this kind of lottery then congratulations to you! You will surely be happy if you have won this. However, after winning, what should you do next to claim your prize? This article will teach you how to claim the prize for winning the Mizoram lottery. This is not just for actual winners but also for future winners. So regardless of whether you have won or not, you should know how to claim your prize for the Mizoram lottery so that you will not encounter many difficulties in the future once you win.

After making sure that your lottery ticket numbers match the Mizoram today lottery result, you should now be prepared to claim your prize. First, go to a legitimate website that shows the official results of the Mizoram lottery. You should then download the claim form for winning the lottery.

lottery results

In filling up the claim form, you should provide your complete name, your postal or complete address, your lottery ticket number, the name of the lottery, and the date of the drawing of results. Make sure that all of these details that you provide are complete and written correctly. The spelling of all entries should be correct especially your name.

In addition, you also need to submit some documents to claim the prize. Such documents include of course the original winning ticket since this is your proof of winning, a photocopy of the winning ticket with an attestation from a Gazette officer, three of your passport sized photos, an affidavit that you are the owner of the ticket which should have been made by a first class magistrate, and any other document required for you to pass.

Once you have these documents, you should then pass all of them along with the claim form to the Director of Institutional Finance and State lottery.

Make sure that you claim your prize within 45 days of winning.  After 45 days, you will no longer be able to claim your prize since your lottery ticket will be deemed invalid.


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