Good Friday a Religious Holiday to Honor the death of Christ:


Good Friday 2017

is the day Jesus was crucified on the cross at 3pm. It is a religious holiday with no celebrations. To honor and respect Christ for sacrificing his life for honesty and harmony. Christian’s, celebrate it during the Holy Week on the Friday before the Easter Sunday. People have many different names for it Holy Friday, Good Friday, Black Friday, and Easter Friday. Although some say Easter Friday is the name given for the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. People are not properly able to explain the true essence of Good Friday.



Common Man’s Views on Easter Friday:


The day when Christ fulfilled his mission on earth he was crucified on a cross at 3pm on the Friday. Jesus died for his people to give them a new life pure from sins. He took away our sins and shortcomings. The day God bestowed his love and affection for Jesus and his people. God sacrificed Jesus to give us enteral peace and a good life. Christ fulfilling God command to get himself hanged on cross although he was in pain and suffering still he did not bow down to the wrong and unjust treatment, to honor his people who stood by him during his journey for betterment and righteousness. Christians, say they were reunited with God. People use to sacrifice farm animals to clean of their sins but by getting himself sacrificed Jesus took away all the sins of his people giving them a fresh start to life.


Public Holiday:


Good Friday is not a public holiday all over the world. But still the business is slow, school, colleges and universities are closed to pay respect. Castro allowed its people to celebrate Good Friday 2017 in a more dedicated and honorable way to visit churches and attend the ceremony. Ceremonies are usually very personal sort of having hymns and message by paster of the church on the life of Jesus and his sacrifices. Meals should not be having any meat and two short meals and one proper meal. It is a fasting day and having no meat is a symbol of no celebration for the purpose Jesus was crucified.


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